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Monadnock building construction

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Monadnock building construction

Erected in 1893, the Monadnock building, designed by two notable Chicago architecture firms Burnham & Root and Holabird & Roche, is considered the world's tallest load-bearing brick building. The building is prolific in terms of the revolutionary technology employed in its construction, one of the signature contributions of Chicago's ...

Description and construction. The Miantonomoh class were designed by John Lenthall, Chief of the Bureau of Construction and Repair, although the ships varied somewhat in their details. Monadnock was 259 feet 6 inches (79.1 m) long overall, had a beam of 52 feet 6 inches (16 m) and had a draft of 12 feet 3 inches (3.7 m). The ship had a depth of hold of 15 feet 6 inches (4.7 m), a tonnage of 13 floors, 162 feet (49.5m) high The typical vertical accentuation by pilasters (here even enhanced by the unbroken vertical mullions) ending in ornamental friezes underneath the extruding cornices. The horizontal parts of the 13-storey facade have ample terra-cotta decoration, especially at the top of the building. typeThe advent of reinforced masonry construction has made possible the idea of economical multistory buildings, even 20-30 stories in height. The tallest contemporary unreinforced masonry tower is the Monadnock building built in Chicago at the end of the 19th century. It is 16 stories tall, and the walls at the base are nearly 6 ft (1.8 m) thick ...Included are many amenities not typical to a college dorm, such as a full kitchen, a living room, and a separate shower off from the bathroom. Located on the first floor of the building is a fitness center, a game room, and a common "Main Street". The exterior of Monadnock Hall is a new design for SNHU, made up of natural stone and metal ...

The Monadnock Building has 16 shops and restaurants, an elegant building conference room (below), tenant storage rooms on every fl oor, a new sprinkler system and 24/7 staff ed security. It is the home of a dynamic business community served by dedicated building owners who understand the needs of growing companies Dimension: 3088 x 4661 Orientation: portrait Size: 7.99 MB File number: 271-545-301 File type: .jpg Object showing: Monadnock Building Categories: full exterior view Keywords: Street view Date taken: 2015-05-27 08:04:50