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Countries with highest immigration rates

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Countries with highest immigration rates

The following map shows the number of immigrants to European countries as a percentage of the total population of each given country. It is based on a 2015 study by the United Nations. However, the UN report does not take the recent developments (between January 2015 and June 2016) in the so-called European migrant crisis into account.Top 10 Illegal Immigration Destinations. Wars, poverty, family reunification, and overpopulation are just a few reasons for immigration. Millions of people around the world are often looking to leave their home country and attempt for a better life in a country that seems to offer it.

Canada's appeal as an immigration destination has been increasing over the past two decades, with a total of 313,580 immigrating to the country in 2019. This figure is a decrease from 2016, when about 323,190 immigrants came to Canada, but is much more than the estimated 199,170 immigrants in 2003.The report predicts that by 2050, 151 of the 195 countries that the researchers looked at will have fertility rates below the 2.1 replacement level. Declining population growth and an aging ...As a result of the negative rates of natural increase, coupled with what we demographers call "insufficient compensating immigration," the populations of nearly 40 countries, including China, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain and Ukraine, are expected to become smaller by 2050 (Figure 2).

In contrast, official statistics usually represent the "overall protection rate" ( Gesamtschutzquoten ), which is determined by including the formal decisions. The overall protection rates for 2019 are: Refugee rate: 24.5%, Subsidiary protection rate: 10.6%, "Humanitarian status": 3.2%, Rejection: 29.4%, Formal decisions: 32.4%.